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Do I need to get in better shape before I’m ready to workout?

No way. It’s more than ok if you’re not at your optimum fitness level. That’s the great part about beginning a relationship with a trainer. They can help you get in shape, then maintain and set goals with your changing needs, even help with event-specific advanced preparation such as a triathlon or a marathon.

Is working out with a Personal Trainer good for mental health, physical illness and weight loss?

Absolutely.The personal training programs of Never Give Up Fitness can help you figure out how to balance training sessions, independent workouts and your caloric intake to achieve results. It’s all customized to your specific goals.

How many sessions should I book with a Personal Trainer for a Mental Health or Personal Training Exercise program?

American Heart Association Guidelines:

Suggests at least 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise or 75 minutes per week of vigorous exercise (or a combination of moderate and vigorous activity).

For Example:
For moderate exercise only, if you decided to workout for 30 minutes per session, that would equate to 5 weekly sessions.

For moderate exercise only, if you decided to workout for 60 minutes per session, that would equate to 3 weekly sessions.

I’m so busy, I can hardly get to the gym already. How can I fit in training sessions?

Studies show that working out with someone significantly increases motivation and, ultimately, success. Not only is someone expecting you to show up, it’s a lot more fun with a partner. Personal Training can help you structure your workouts. After all, it’s about prioritizing yourself and your health into your busy schedule—and that’s important for your physical health and overall well-being.

Will I be yelled at during workout sessions?

Paul and Stephanie doe not believe in yelling or demeaning any client. Paul and Stephanie wants their clients to enjoy exercise and to have exercise become a consistent part of one’s life. Paul and Stephanie want the sessions to be fun and challenging.

What about confidentiality

Paul and Stephanie’s motto is “What we talk about during the session, stays in the session”. Exercise sessions can be intense, both physically and mentally. During the initial consultation with a client, Paul and Stephanie will emphasize how important client confidentiality is to them.

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