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Never Give Up Fitness Boot Camps are perfect for individuals looking for:

-A jump-start to their weight loss

-Who want to get motivated to exercise

-Simply desire an intense, fun workout. 

All boot camps are held outdoors and consist of strength, cardio, and flexibility training in 30 minute sessions. Men and women of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels are welcome to attend.

Never Give Up Fitness Boot Camps are a fun way to push your physical limits. The highly-intense workouts create an amazing metabolic boost and the team encouragement and sense of accomplishment you feel when you complete your workout is second to none. Endorphin levels rise naturally after an intense workout, improving your mood. Exercise can be fun, let us prove it to you!

Generally, boot camps are offered on a weekly basis at Stoney Creek Metro Park in Shelby Township, Michigan. However, Never Give Up Fitness is flexible and suggestions for other locations and times are always welcome.  If you have a specific question regarding scheduling, please send us an email.

You must pre-register for boot camps. If you wish to register or inquire of the upcoming boot camp schedule, please use the Contact form. Cost for each boot camp is $10 and multiple sessions packages are available.  Payment is accepted in either cash or credit card at the time of the boot camp.