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Welcome from founder Paul L. Barr:



Regular exercise is an important part of your mental health. Never Give Up Fitness specializes in customizing fitness programs for individuals with mental health illnesses.  We work with each individual and based upon their specific health needs, customize a fitness program that works with their goals, health requirements, and schedule.

The Exercise Solution Process

- The Exercise Solution combines exercise, nutrition, and expressive writing to help improve your mental health.

- Initial Consultation: You will speak with your personal trainer in order to determine if the Exercise Solution is right for you.

- All individuals diagnosed with a mental illness will require a physician or therapist’s note of consent before beginning the fitness regimen.

- Individualized fitness assessment: At the beginning of the program, the personal trainer assesses the participant’s fitness and lifestyle. Participants complete a health history form regarding dietary intake and exercise habits, and the personal trainer conducts a number of health and physical fitness tests.

- Action plan: Based on the findings from the initial assessment and an assessment of the participant’s readiness for change, the personal trainer develops a comprehensive plan that incorporates achievable nutrition and physical fitness goals. Participants keep journals to record daily emotions and food eating patterns.

Other Considerations

- Weekly meetings: Participants meet weekly with the personal trainer, who monitors progress and provides encouragement. During these meetings, the personal trainer and participant create and/or modify an exercise routine, exercise together, talk about achievements and obstacles, and revise goals as needed. The personal trainer provides feedback and observations to help the participant remain motivated.

- Nutrition and Grocery Shopping 101: Participants will learn basics of good nutrition. All participants will attend a 1 on 1 grocery store seminar with their personal trainer. 

It is our belief that by combining proper exercise, nutrition, and expressive writing, as well as, working with a mental health professional, mental health illness symptoms can greatly improve and you can enjoy a healthier, happier lifestyle.


Anyone aged 18 years and older who has a serious mental illness (e.g., OCD, bipolar disorder, or major depression) can participate. Participants typically self-refer to the program after learning about it from community organizations, doctors, or mental health providers. Participants must obtain a medical clearance from their physician.

To determine if the mental health programs of Never Give Up Fitness are right for you, or to book your complimentary consultation, please Contact Us. We look forward to hearing from you!