Never Give Up Fitness

Personal Training & Fitness Programs


Program Structure

All Personal Training programs and Mental Health Exercise Programs, follow a 3 Step Process. Please visit the Program Structure Page, or FAQ Page for more information.

Fitness Testing & Assessment

Fitness Testing & Assessment is crucial in determining your initial level of fitness as well as helping your personal trainer in customizing an effective exercise program.  Fitness Testing can be completed as part of a fitness program or on a stand-alone basis. Please visit our Fitness Testing page to learn more about the components of our Fitness Testing.

Personal Training Programs

Never Give Up Fitness provides in-home and outdoor fitness training as part of its personal training programs. Clients can choose from a customized personal training program that is entirely in-home, outdoors, or a combination of both. To learn more about each service, please visit our Personal Training Programs page.

Mental Health Exercise Programs

Never Give Up Fitness specializes in working with clients with mental health issues including OCD,  Major Depression, Bipolar Disorder, among others. Please visit our Mental Health Exercise Programs page for more details.

Fitness Boot Camps

Never Give Up Fitness Boot Camps are offered on a weekly basis and can be purchased individually or in packaged sessions. Have fun getting into shape outdoors! Please visit our Fitness Boot Camps page for more details.